Kalamazoos Premiere Cleaning Company

We are reaching out to everyone, in light of the growing Coronavirus concerns. We are taking EXTRA precautions for the safety of our employees and the safety of you and your family. 

At Ex-Amish Cleaning we are carefully monitoring all info as provided by WHO and CDC for best techniques to help shorten the life of this virus as much as possible! In line with guidance provided by the health authorities, we our using extreme cleanliness measures to help your residents be a safe and hygienic environment, including: 

  1. Employees are required to wear rubber gloves at all times, which includes putting on a new pair for each home.
  2. All equipment (vacuum, sweeper, bucket, tray ECT) will be disinfected before and after going into each home.
  3. Employees are required to use hand sanitizer and wipes prior to entering every home and again upon leaving every home. 
  4. When finished at each home rags go directly into a garbage bag and will not be used againg until washed thoroughly
  5. Employees will wash hands as often as possible throughout all cleans
  6. Ensure any employee who feels ill to stay home until medically cleared by a doctor to return to work.   

We appreciate your trust in Ex-Amish cleaning to keep your house safe, clean, and free from COVID-19 during this stressful time. For more information on preventative measures you can be doing visit the CDC website. If you have any questions about Ex-Amish Cleaning and your safety do not hesitate to ask.